Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations President Obama!

As I woke my daughters up today, I excitedly reminded them, today is the day! We are going to have a new president. Before they left out the door, I pinned their Obama buttons to their jackets and they excitedly left out the door. All of my daughters, even the 5 and 8 year old, have been following along with the political current events and I've been explaining to them who's who, what's going on next, as well as informing them of the historical significance. My 16 year old actually braved the icy rain to attend an Obama rally in Chester, PA with my uncle and I. Despite suffering in that painful cold for five hours, she understood the importance of our attendance at the rally and has continued to show interest in the political process even to this day. That made me very proud of her; she's on the road to being a productive and involved member of society.

But what a dilemma. I couldn't take off work today because of a major assignment due on Thursday, but I was tempted. How could I have forgotten to put in for a vacation day? The first thing I did when I arrived at my desk was to check out all of the websites showing live stream of the inauguration. Site after site, a big orange BLOCKED screen shows up informing me that the site I was trying to view is NOT work related. Nooooo, not today. Can I take an early lunch and make it home in time to see the inauguration? No way am I missing out on watching this historic event as it happens.

Luckily, my supervisor came up with an idea and found a location very close to my worksite to watch the inauguration and enjoy our lunch. My cheeks are still hurting from the constant grin from ear to ear displayed on my face, even while tears were sliding from my eyes. In fact, all of us were moved to tears for different reasons. A few poignantly remember living through the hate filled time when Jim Crow laws were legal and never thought this day would come in their lifetime. Others, like me, are hopeful about what this means for our children and moved because of a significance much too difficult to put into words. People fought and gave their lives in order for this day to happen. Thinking of the sacrifices of those before us, it just made my heart swell with emotion.

Congratulations President Obama!!

Obama delivers his Inaugural speech

I don't recall ever seeing a President and First Lady who look as in love with each other as Barack and Michelle Obama.

Barack refers to Michelle as his rock because she keeps him grounded.

While the next four years undoubtedly hold many challenges, I am confident that we have elected a president who will provide great leadership and make strides towards strengthening our country again.

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