Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Cookbook Challenge

I've got stacks of recipes, too many cookbooks to count and belong to several major online foodie I have a list a mile long of recipes I want to try. In fact, I made a commitment to cook at least 3-4 recipes a month from the cookbooks I already own because I keep buying more and more, but not actually using them.
Imagine my delight when I discovered this challenge hosted by April over at My Food Trail.
There are 26 themes over 26 fortnights. The challenge is to interpret the given theme whatever way you wish and cook a dish (or dishes) from one of your cookbooks (or magazine) related to the theme. Cooking your dish for each week starts from the date listed and you should post the results of your dish on your blog by the following Saturday before the next fortnight begins if you can.
Here are the 26 THEMES:
Week 1 Saturday 1/01/2011 Stonefruit
Week 2 Saturday 15/01/2011 Citrus
Week 3 Saturday 29/01/2011 Rice/noodles
Week 4 Saturday 12/02/2011 Love
Week 5 Saturday 26/02/2011 Outdoors
Week 6 Saturday 12/03/2011 American
Week 7 Saturday 26/03/2011 Celebration
Week 8 Saturday 9/04/2011 Eggs
Week 9 Saturday 23/04/2011 Crunchy
Week 10 Saturday 7/05/2011 Blue
Week 11 Saturday 21/05/2011 Cup
Week 12 Saturday 4/06/2011 Spice
Week 13 Saturday 18/06/2011 Dessert
Week 14 Saturday 2/07/2011 Hearty
Week 15 Saturday 16/07/2011 European
Week 16 Saturday 30/07/2011 Soups
Week 17 Saturday 13/08/2011 Baked
Week 18 Saturday 27/08/2011 Roast
Week 19 Saturday 10/09/2011 Green
Week 20 Saturday 24/09/2011 Asian
Week 21 Saturday 8/10/2011 Childhood
Week 22 Saturday 22/10/2011 Breakfast
Week 23 Saturday 5/11/2011 Red
Week 24 Saturday 19/11/2011 Seafood
Week 25 Saturday 3/12/2011 Cool
Week 26 Saturday 17/12/2011 Christmas

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